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The Tebow CURE Hospital is a specialty orthopedic facility in Davao City and is the latest project of CURE International, Inc. As a non-stock, non-profit corporation, our charitable focus is to provide surgeries for disabled children. We will treat orthopedic conditions such as clubfoot, angular deformities and other congenital malformations; we will also provide cleft lip and palate repairs as well as treatment for a variety of other conditions.  We are committed to treat each child regardless of their ability to pay and we will rely on generous donors both in the Philippines and abroad to subsidize the cost of the charitable surgeries we provide.

We are building a six-story, state-of-the-art facility in Davao City.  The Hospital has been designed as a 30-bed specialty facility with 3 operating theatres; however we will initially open with a capacity of 17 beds. We will also have a well-equipped outpatient area including digital X-ray equipment, laboratory and physical therapy department. We plan to start treating patients in 2014.

As we look forward to the opening of the Hospital, we are seeking to build awareness about our work and to develop key relationships throughout Mindanao. Mr. Denny Rymer {Tebow Field Director } has agreed to assist us in promoting the Hospital, identifying patients that are in need of treatment, and helping us to develop strategic partnerships with other organizations that work with children and the disabled.  Leron L. Lehman, Executive Director

Radyo Alerto - With our new Network Partners and  with the Cure Medical Programs, we will also open up our assistance to 10 other World Hospitals. This will be part of the Project with Radyo Alerto and our "Gathering of Many Program"  This will be part of the World children Network Group and the PIFO Project { Peoples Imvolvement for Order} This is a Movement started with LAMP, Radyo Alerto, our Partners here and around the World.
The PIFO Project  is about Human Rights and the rights for all Children to have the basic needs of life. It stands for family as we speak with one voice. And it stand together in searching out ways to help one another.
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Sunday April 30, 2017 meetings with Mr. Rymer;  The Medical and Disaster Director  of one of the leading Humanitarian Organization  in Mindanao will provide the training:  

:  “The Commander in Chief”; General Rommel B Abubakar of the NLFSP-RAF on the right

This Training of the 300 will be the start of a system involving over 200,000 men and women becoming involved in different ICS modules of Disaster and support Systems ICS Training Program.  This will involve many of Mindanao Regions and will include the Divisions Commanders and their selected officers  as part of the first 300 as set in place by General Abubakar.

In this training we will also train Medical Officers to be able to move Children in need of surgeries through the Pacquiao Medical Network in Gensan. Division Officers will direct Command Systems involved in Community Disaster Services for the weak, the helpless and the defenseless… Other Medical systems will be set up and put into operation by volunteers within the ranks. 

Command and Disaster Support will be included… Infectious Disease training as to what must be done in cases where we are involve with a contagious disease.  Emergency training for the first responder will also include a modular for illegal Drug Intervention. And where Emergency Medical Services { EMS} is not provided… We will start the process to help the communities start the process.

With the recent flooding and the recent earthquakes in Mindanao yesterday morning; and the past disasters that has taken so many lives; we need to be able to respond to local and regional emergencies within Mindanao.…This will bring hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Christians and Lumad together for the greater good into a collective agreement in helping one another and serving the people of the Philippines.. This time there is an army that serves the people made up of all people working together.…

 The NLFSP-RAF has already rejected war  and has moved to bring Muslim, Christian and Lumad  together in peace and community support.  They support the Policies of President Duterte,  they stand for the people in working to relieve poverty, stop the pain and suffering with the damage done by illegal drugs and corruption. They stand and work with LGU’s and understand the direction and importance of God and Country…This stand is with the King and Queen, it stands for the needs of the many and This agreement brings Muslims, Christians and Lumad together in helping one another and serving the people of Mindanao.

Together we cav serve and save lives.